We're going PLUM crazy!!!!

It's coming...the new shop inside Vines Vintage Market is called "Plum." Why did we name it Plum? I just like the word and love the purple color! Here are some photos of our progress! We are opening this tuesday November 15th! Come in and check out all of the new and unusual one of a kind finds at Plum inside Vines Vintage Market!!!
It started out ketchup and mustard walls where the restaurant used to be.
I painted the wall to the Back Room Boutique Ivy green!

Then added a plum color on the half wall which is soon to be the back of Ever Whimsical!
This is where the opening is going to be. After lots of hard work, Rick finally has little openings in the top of the sheetrock...see?
This is the photo right as the wall was falling down! Rick is amazing! The little spots you see are flying sheetrock!!! New photos coming soon!