We went PLUM Crazy!!!

So many customers that enter our shop say that it is such a beautiful place to be and some come in and say they just needed a "bright spot" to their day so they made it a point to come by. I have been so busy with getting the shop up and running, doing custom orders and getting to know all of the amazing vendors that we have, that I forget to look up sometimes, but while taking pictures of our expansion for this blog, I fell in love with my own shop all over again!!! Take a look!
Great baker's cabinet back in the PLUM room

Beautiful things from over 40 vendors!!

The Back Room Boutique girls are a couple of my favorite vendors! Creative, fun, cute, & great prices!!
Gorgeous finds from Ever Whimsical!!!!

Adorable finds from Happiness Is...

Studio J has beautiful things!! 
Jane has some wonderful things to offer...take a look at that one of a kind red chest!!

Wonderful smells from the Willow Springs shop! Hand made soaps, balms & scrubs!

A view from the middle of PLUM to the Back Room Boutique

More cute things from Ever Whimsical
Chantilly Fields is our newest addition. So many cute and fun things!!!
The Boot girls are a welcome addition to our shop! Great boots, and great prices!!!! Wear 'em awhile and they will buy them back and you can purchase some more!!! These boots are made for walkin'

Cute buffet with French lines from the BERRY shop!

Amazing offerings from The Rusted Knob!

The Daisy Sprouts & Jude offer such cute things...handmade items, furniture, gifts, home decor.....soooooo cute!!
One of my favorite views of the shop!
Cute handmade jewelry from the Daisy Sprouts!
Awesome offerings from NEST!!!

I love our shop. We have gone PLUM crazy with our expansion and our new shop. These are only a few of the photos that I was able to take in a hurry, but our shop is seriously so beautiful. I am humbled and blessed by these photos, our customers, our vendors and our shop! I am grateful for this experience and cannot say thank you enough to everyone who has been a part of it!!!
We've gone PLUM crazy!!!