Haven't blogged in awhile....sorry....getting the new space ready for our expansion has been time consuming and challenging! My wonderful husband Rick and my two teenage boys Kieran and Tristan along with a couple of their friends have been helping us tear up 3000 square feet of carpet! My friend Linda who is another face you will see around the shop helping customers and her two grown boys Brandon and Mike came in and literally crashed through the sheetrock wall to make the opening between the old space and the new space...Whew! I'm tired already! But....the good news is that I am sharing a few new photos of the shop and giving you a great idea that has been fun for our family. When you have guests over to your home, where do you always end up? In the kitchen! Another place most guests eventually end up is your guest bathroon. Pick one of these two places to use this idea. I had a blank wall in my bathroom that needed something and I could never get it right, so I used mine in there. It is private, I leave plenty of chalk and it's a fun distraction for people to read other guests' posts. I took a plain chalkboard because I was in a hurry, but you could get much fancier if you wanted to and use an old picture frame, add some masonite, paint it with chalkboard paint, add some adornments and hang! You could also just stop into Vines Vintage Market and pick one out! We have some really cute chalk boards from time to time! My daughter had a bridal shower and this is how it looked after the party! One guest said she only wished that it had been bigger so she could have written more!
New cute things coming in to the shop from Ever Whimsical! My favorite is the
blue antique china hutch!
Chantilly Fields' desk is super cute and has a matching chair! Such cute
birdhouses too!
Gotta go put things out on the sidewalk for our Memorial weekend sale! Come in and see what
else is new at Vines Vintage Market! You won't be disappointed!