Something for Everyone!

Vines Vintage Market is quickly becoming a favorite place to shop here in Fort Collins. We already have lots of repeat customers who say they just can't get enough. Our shop changes daily because vendors bring in their new findings and re-arrange their shops. It is such a fun environment because it is ever changing and creative. But here's the warning!!! If you see it or someone else will find your treasure while you are thninking about it and it will be gone. We had our very first disappointed shopper yesterday when she came in for an item that she had thought about over the weekend and it had been sold the day before. It was a one of a kind item which is our specialty and it was gone forever. We are looking for something similar for her and hopefully can find it. In the mean time, she knows that we can place a 24 hour hold on any item in the store with a name and phone number. It's that easy! We also offer layaway for single item purchases over $100. 1/3 down and payment in 30 days helps our shoppers extend their budgets. We use paper tickets, vintage dress patterns for tissue at the cash wrap and provide free chocolates and service with a smile. Workin' it old school at Vines Vintage Market! Come and see us! Even if you have been in over the 12 days we have been open, you will be surprised at how the shop has changed! Here are some fun photos!