Kate's TOP 5

I love the responsibility of picking the top 5 for the shop...It allows me to get away from the administrative duties of the store and really shop it which I don't get to do very often. Our customers come in and tell us every day that Vines is their favorite store in town. What a huge compliment and what a testament to our lovely vendors who work so very hard to bring the best vintage items to Fort Collins. Some of us travel to Kansas, Texas, California, Nebraska and the list goes on to collect and bring the amazing array of items you see at our store. And the BIG news is...we are EXPANDING...Yes again! We love to support entrepreneurs who are helping support their families, creating extra income and helping reduce/reuse/recycle!! If you or someone you know wants to start their own business, have them email us at vinesvintage@hotmail.com and we will provide info on how to open a shop within our shop...details to follow...but for now...Kate's top 5 picks of the week!
Doily Vests....I can't say enough about how much I LOVE these hand made vests. They are so girly and frilly and talk about vintage. Made from authentic hand crocheted doilies...each one is designed and hand sewn right in the shop!!! One of a kind and unique...gotta have one!!!
Another example of how unique these are...this one has a peachy pink doily....so cute!
Number ONE TOP PICK OF THE WEEK!!! Great job Ashton!!
Vintage dictionary pages with artwork superimposed...sooo cute for your decorating! Buy several and string them up on a vintage clothes line with old clothes pins....super cute from Rusted Knob

This is a one of a kind vintage artist's box. Someone re-furbished it so the hinges would work better but it has a glass and wood top which makes it very cute and versatile to use anywhere. I think it would make a super planter box or if you have a funky chic decor in your home, you could set it in a kitchen and put extra plates, glass pitchers, cookbooks etc. in it or use it in a bathroom for rolled up towels and extra bath & body....Awesome!!!!
Fourth pick is this new wall art. It has a vintage feel and I LOVE the message...How creative most of us are but sometimes we talk ourselves out of it because our ideas seem crazy....other crazy ideas from history...the principle of gravity, airplanes, cars, electricity....join the group of other crazies and dive into surrounding yourself with things that you love....I couldn't be more content than when I am being my unique organic self...
Last but not least....I am obsessed with these re-invigorated and upcycled belt cuffs from Wednesday's Design. They are funky and cool. Most of them are only $10.....what???? For a unique one of a kind piece of jewelry....IN LOVE.